Should I stop claiming to be a Christian?

I feel this way and do these things???

I have always been a person who has gone to church…tried to go though life with out disappointing the Lord…when I question the words in the Bible…I philosophize what my be right in my heart and what I can accept since God isn’t answering my ever question I must rely on life experiences…through all of this I can eventually find inner peace…in the bible it states you are a sinner if you question God (The Bible)…I many times have questioned God…what type of person would I be if I believed everything The Bible told me???…One who didn’t accept Gods gift of free will and one who didn’t use my beautiful mind. Should I let one book decide all my beliefs? When I don’t go to church I feel no regret for, I always use my ability to philosophize… I know in my heart that there is a God. I would like to think God would have no problem in the way I am worshipping him by loving his children; I use my heart and my mind to understanding myself and others, love other as they should be loved and to give God the love he/she deserves. This quote rings so true to me.

HH the Dalai Lama: This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

Do you think, I am sinning and making that right in my own mind?

I know at the end only God will judge me but some friendly feedback would be helpful.

Answer #1

A Christian is a person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior - having recognized their sinful condition and asking for forgiveness, opened their heart’s door and invited Him in - so being a Christian, because He indeed came in and resides within, I can no more stop ‘claiming’ to be a Christian than I can stop ‘claiming’ to be a Caucasian.

Answer #2

No, I do not believe that you are sinning, because even Habakkuk from the Bible questioned God and wrestled with an angel because he didn’t like what God was telling him. I’m not saying that you should do that with everything, I’m just saying that it isn’t wrong for you to do that.

Answer #3

Re: amblessed

See, that’s the problem. Not even the Gospel authors agreed on what it takes to be saved. In fact, in the 2000 year history of Christianity, the definition of “Christian” has changed several times. Your definition has no more valid basis than any other.

Answer #4

no you aren’t “sinning” this is what this God is doing to people!! *sigh I think you’re agnostic. you’re undecided. lots of people are happy with being in the middle. when which ever way it goes, fine by them. Don’t worry about all of this! If there is a god, he is suppose to love everyone for who they are.

Answer #5

Honestly I agree with you fully. I like to look at the Bible as guidelines and not specific rules. In the end you should use your head and make your own choices…

Answer #6

A Christian claims to be a Christian, because they have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and desire to live their lives pleasing to him, as laid out in his word, the Holy Bible.

God will help you to find the answers that you seek, if you seek him.

You can understand who God is, and what his desire is for you, and your life, by reading his word, the bible. It is the guide that he has given for us to live by, in addition to receiving the Holy Spirit into our hearts.

Answer #7

If there are any gods, and they created a rational universe with rational humans in it, why on earth would they then expect those rational beings to throw reason to the wind and just blindly believe what a bunch of ancient books and men wearing dresses tell them on Sunday!?

If there are any gods, they clearly do not care if you believe in them or not, else they would not leave it up to ridiculous methods to spread their word.

Answer #8

That whole don’t question God thing is about mind control. Think about it. If he’s all knowing and all powerful won’t he be able to answer any question fully? They want you to be ignorant so they can control you.

Secondly. Don’t worry about religious titles. Just believe what you want. With reason to believe in it. Your not doing anything wrong. Your questioning your self. And with that being said if in doing that your questioning God than wouldn’t that mean you created God? Or at least your version of God.

Answer #9

There are thousands of Christian denominations, some of which share your skepticism of the Bible’s authoritativeness, and your view of God. So no, you don’t have to stop calling yourself a Christian.

It sounds like you’re willing to read the entire Bible critically, rather than just accepting it wholesale as the word of God. I think this is important to do with anything in life, especially if you’re considering making such a book the source of your worldview, don’t you?

Answer #10

You should only stop claiming to be a Christian when you stop believing in Christ centered religions.

I believe in God (Deist) but grew away from Christianity many years ago. (My beliefs can be found at the URL on my profile.)

An interesting “test” is below:

Belief-O-Matic – A personality quiz about your religious and spiritual beliefs

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Answer #11

….hey you guys have your opinions and i respect that but have you ever read the bible out loud? it really sinks in better.. and why if the bible is just some book why are there all these signs that the bible is right idk that’s just my opinion and everyone is born a sinner so sinning is just gunna happen simple as that which is why jesus died for us so why let his sacrifice go to waste….and if there was a battle i would want jesus on my side so ya there ya go

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