People have been giving me a hard time at school

Lately people have been giving me a hard time at school,mainly on my school bus and 6th period,I don’t want to bug the bus driver cause she has a lot on her hands,my 6th period teacher can barely control the class,what should I do before I hurt someone.

Answer #1

tell adults, just tell em. Because they have athority, a bus driver doesn’t have a lot of athority when they probably need it the most.

Answer #2

hmmm… tell the administration people-like counselor, assistant principal, or principal. at least one of the adults should be able to help u…

Answer #3

These are students who are causing you problems?

Talk to the principal - he/she is probably the one person who has any level of power regarding this kind of situation.

Answer #4

tell them duh!

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