Is high school really that hard?

Is High School Really As Hard As People Make It Seem?

Answer #1

Uhmmm in all honesty it might be… It depends on a lot of things…

Like depending on where you live they have a different curriculum… It depends on what classes/levels your taking… How smart you actually are… How many courses you take… If it’s semstered or not… What kind of teachers you have…

I found that gr 11 was the hardest, 2nd hardest was gr 9, easiest was gr 10 and then 2nd easiest was gr 12…

As said above, yes, its a time for growing, and leaning, but at times it can get VERYYY stressful… It’s not meant to be scary or hard but it is meant to be tough so you’re ready for college or university…

I just finished grade 12 with an 87% avg… & from what I’ve learnt, you need to actually pay attention in class, and take VERY good notes, don’t just try to memorize things, that won’t be of any use, my teachers gave the most marks for how you got the answers, and explaining that…

ANYWAYS Good Luck =] Just try to relax and have fun!

Answer #2

No. You might have to study a little more, but your teachers help you a lot and if you ever need help many of them stay after or before school if you ask for help. Just try your best and you’ll do well even if your grades slip once or twice. Oh and of course take good notes, because they help with midterms and finals and tests. Good luck with high school.

Answer #3

For me highschool is harder than people make it seem. But I also have personal problems coupled with being a total loner at school.

Answer #4

Yeah, they won’t give you anything you can’t handle. All levels of education, even college is just one step up from the last.

Answer #5

lol no! I think high school is funnn. its a time for new things, growing up, memories, experiences, and yeah, school. im going into 11th, and so far its been a piece of cake I talked all the time in classes, and never really did too good on some tests. but yet, my final average was about 93. high school isnt ment to be scary, its just to get you ready for life and college.

I have not taken 11th grade yet, and I know thats when sat’s and big grades are, but there isnt anything to worry about :]

Answer #6

Thank All Of You 4 Answering :)

Answer #7

highschool is awesome I mean was awesome I just graduated and imma miss it =// 09 baby lol

Answer #8

Thank You :)

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