How do I balance school work and free time?

School has been overwhelming lately; and I’m the type of person who needs everything on a colorful sheet of paper, all organized with dates etc. I don’t know I just..I’m just so stressed out lately, I get annoyed so easy and snap often. I’m tired and never get enough sleep because I’m stressing out.

I need to figure out ways to study and just blah. I’m overwhelmed.

Answer #1

Make sure you put H.W. First your friends will understand amd if they don’t then you don’t need them. When you have free time offer to hang out

Answer #2

I’m the same way right now but hey that’s life. But i can give you an idea how too handle it. First put school first if do as much work as you can on weekdays study instead of chilling wit friends on weekdays put that time into studying. For me studying at night works best for me. Then on weekends set some time too just hang out or do something for yourself Make sat or sunday a no homework day that way you can be refreshed on monday.

Answer #3

“Work hard, play hard” This is a popular saying and it is a good one to live by. First take care of ALL work you have to do…and then for the rest of the day relax and have fun. If you do it the other way around (which many people do), you’ll find yourself short on time.

Answer #4

Make a time every day to do your homework.

Answer #5

by preparing a time table and strictly following it

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