Should I join a gymnastic group?

I am not a gymnastic but can do more stuff like splits and all that.

Should I join a gymnastic group or is it a little to late now as I’m 13.

Answer #1

u should def join a gymnastics club I did gymnastics scince I was 5 but stopped at 11 and regretted stopping it but neva done it again .

its loads of fun you would have a gr8 time if you joined a gymnastics club =]

Answer #2

look at shawn johnson…

Answer #3

yes you should join!! doesnt matter what age you are GO FOR IT!!

Answer #4

you should def. join. im a gymnast and go to international gymnastics school and its so much fun you do front split tuck turns and so much more JOIN!!!

Answer #5

I joined when I was 12 and now im competing at national meets. but I am a guy and its a lil different but try it anyways

Answer #6

it’s never too late. gymnastics is fun I did it since I was 4 and stopped for a while but now I help teach it sometimes!! go for it!!

Answer #7

ok maybe I will thanks

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