Should I beat him up?

ok well, theres this kid at my school that iz always makin wisecracks at everyone. hez always doin em 2 me but I dont really care. but, yesterday he made one and itz kinda makin me mad now. I dono what 2 do so I was thinkin just beat the crap outta him next time he does it..I meen, I know ill win cauze im WAY tougher than I look, and got a bad temper =/ once my adrenaline gets pumpin, theres no stoppin it. only problem is, the teachers kinda know me as not getin in 2 much trouble, and I like getin good grades… so im thinkin it will ruin my rep. should I beat the sh*t outta him?

Answer #1

Proverbs says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath”. I know its hard, my ex brought his new girlfriend to Church right in front of me last night and humiliated me, I wanted to punch his lights out! But I know that it only ever makes things worse. Think about it: if you beat this guy up, what will it achieve? You’ll feel a little rush for a second, but the consequences will last a lot longer, and you will regret it. Next time he’s rude to you, think of something nice to say back, it annoys the hell outta them!! eg. he insults you, you compliment his shoes. He has another go, you ask him where he got that haircut… was there anything good on tv last night?… hey, me and some friends are catching a movie later, want to come?… hey that’s great man, have a good day then!… are you hungry? because sometimes that makes me cranky too… etc etc. It will embarrass him for being so childish, and with a really relaxed delivery you come off looking like the coolest guy ever. Just keep smiling! :D Love, Bekky.

Answer #2

Fighting never helps any situation and only makes enemies. If you laugh at his insults and act like it doesn’t affect you, he will leave you alone when he sees that his rude comments do nothing. Best of luck to you

Answer #3

No way ! - you’d be risking too much over this bully - consider the source and ignore him - he’ll quickly move to someone else - what goes around will come around for him regardless - I wish you the best !!

Answer #4

yeah you should but like after school and if you do fight him make sure you have friends with you just in case the other guy gets people to jump you.

Answer #5

No, violence never solves anything. Plus he could bring charges against you for assault. When he says something out of line, talk to the teacher about it so they can reprimand him. Or just ignore him. If it doesn’t bother you and he doesn’t get a rise out of you then he’ll stop.

xox Sika

Answer #6

beat him up

Answer #7

First you should stop using Z’s in place of S’s. Then you should probably just beat him up. He’ll probably stop after that, and the worst that could happen is you get a few days free vacation from school, am I right?

Answer #8

dont beat him up . . .jus say he’s getting on your nerves and he better stop it (u can swear) and voilence wont solve anything tho so ya

Answer #9

Nooo. All that’s going to do is make him know he’s gettin’ to you.. He’ll start finding other ways to insult you.. once he’s been beatin up it gives him 2 options:

  1. he’s been beat up he knows your probably not guna kill him.. so it can’t get worse.. it can only make him stronger.

  2. Beatin’ him up doesn’t necessarily give you a good rep. but hey.. do what you want. go with the moment!

Answer #10

Well I probably don’t doubt that you could win, depending on said person’s pain-tolerence, but that’s besides the point. If you want to beat this person up badly challenge said person to a gentleman’s challenge (Like a boxing match with boxing gloves, or a wrestling match) So long as you have the proper protective gear (head gear, mouth-peice, boxing glovs, knee pads) You can tear the kid to shreds if approved by a teacher, usually phys ed. But if you’d rather not go to such lengths… Give short, calm little come-backs, that don’t sound like come backs… If he makes up an insult that really isn’t very good to your standards reply with something short like, “Good one.” but HIDE the sarcasm. Or you can idly agree… Eventually that person will leave you alone. Works for me… even against persistant people.

Answer #11

trust me, this IS NOT the kid who likes to “talks about it”.. hez the kinda kid who thinks no1 can beat him up and he runz the school..

Answer #12

oh ya maybe you dont want to swear . . .but sometimes omg ya know wut ignore wut I said

Answer #13

Violence just makes it worse. Just talk to him about it. He’s most likely insecure.

Answer #14


Answer #15

im with sursurge.. he will back off cauze hell b scared lol..

Answer #16

I say dont and keep the good rep, it may help you in the future

Answer #17

well, in our school, all that happens is we get suspended and stuff.. but now he IS starting 2 get on my nervez ugh…

Answer #18

well, in our school, all that happens is we get suspended and stuff.. but now he IS starting 2 get on my nervez ugh…

Answer #19

To show self-control when he does this is a sign of inner strength. Just smile at him, and agree with what ever he says…that will annoy him more seeing it doesnt bother you.

Answer #20

No. Be the mature one - just let him make a fool out of himself. Show him that you don’t care about what he says by ignoring him, and show him your the man of the situation by not fighting.

Answer #21

well dude think before you act thats all I have to say but I’ve done that to two people and now theyre pretty damn scared

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