What to do about trouble in my class?

So I posted a question about the girl in my bcis class about her throwing a mouse at me. I took your advice and told an AP and they said they couldnt do anything because they didnt see it happen. They think my mom is beating me now :(

Today when I went into class she threw a mouse at my face and my nose started bleeding.

what am I going to do?

Answer #1

Surely someone in your class saw her throw the mouse at you - surely one of them would be able to go to the AP with you as an eyewitness? And the teacher must have noticed your nose started bleeding in class?

Answer #2

This chick is a dik! HOnestly I don’t know how people can be so mean. I think you really need to stand up for yourself maybe you could try elsewhere if AP aren’t listening to you and expain to them your situation!! YOu should’nt have to take this crap from this chick. And explain to them that obviously she is going to deny throwing a mouse at you especially if she did it, if anyone saw her throw a mouse at you at which ever time she did ask them to back you up!! And as for AP now claiming that your mother is beating you! what the f*ck?? Ignore it! YOu know exactly what is true!

Tell me how it goes!

Good luck! =)

Answer #3

then ask for a class exchange… if you can because some school wont let you so good luck

Answer #4

Well its in the beginning of class when no one is in but us and the teacher thought it was a natural nose bleed because she told her it was.

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