How am I going to overcome my shyness?Talent show?

At school there is this talent show on March 20th, 2010 and I want to do it!There is just one problem-I am very shy!I don’t speak up in my classes that much.It feels like I am invisable in the halls like I don’t matter or exists.I want to speak up,but then I get scared and am afraid of people calling me names and beating me up(yes that has happend before,b/c I talked and I was not talking to them or saying something mean!)It’s horrible and I want to do something about it!But what am I going to do?I want to do something for the talent show, but what?people say I can sing, but I don’t think so.I want to dance,I dance all the time!What do you guys think?Be honest!THANK YOU!!!

Answer #1

@pilpil,what’s that?

Answer #2

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Answer #3

So person. I think that joining a talent show will help you overcome your fears and gain more confidence, and since your shy you should do something that you are very comfortable with. Choose the thing that you think you’re better at. And if people call you names just ignore it, who cares what others think about you, the only thing hat matters is what you think of yourself.

And for that beating up problem one of the reasons they beat you up is because they know you won’t do anything to them. So Stand up for yourself. Bullies hate when people have over confidence. The only reason they are hurting you is because there insecure about themselves. I wish I had this advice before, because I had the same exact problem, but what I say are just suggestions to you, from me.
And GOOD LUCK!! ^-^

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