What if he comes back to retaliate?

Ok today I was in the library finishing up my test I had a person there helping me I left then I came back there was another kid there the guy that was helping me left and came back while the guy was gone the kid talked to me he seemed pretty cool so I talked to him then the guy came back I left but before I left I set my ipod down in my chair then I left came back the kid was gone the guy said no one else came I finished my test got everything ready and went to grab my ipod and picked up the headphones the kid stole my ipod I went and reported it to the office I got my ipod back I didnt press charges because I dont want him to come and beat me up but I am still scared that he might come back and retaliate I am kinda scared you know but what should I do should I worry about it or should I just be glad my ipod is back in my pocket hes lucky I didnt put him in jail but I guess my question is do you guys think he will retaliate???

Answer #1

thank you guys!!! you really helped me out a lot I really appreciate it

Answer #2

Chances are he will not. He will certainly give you the evil eye, but he knows that you will stand up for yourself and report him. Most bullys or thieves go for people that will not stand there ground. So I think your safe!

Answer #3

u should of beat his a** wtf is wrong with him why would he steel I dont think he will do anything 2 you I wouldnt worry about it if I were u

Answer #4

Thiefs are usually too scared to do anything. Thats why they steal stuff when no one is looking because they are actually pansies. You stood up for yourself and got your ipod back. He is to much of a pansy to do anything in retaliation.

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