Should i be sad

Just today my cousion left for iraq and I didt know I feel like it point less to go but we have to protect our libertys and freedom

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No, you should be proud - he's serving our country, ensuring our freedoms no matter where duty calls - thank him for his service, from this American !!...BA

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You should feel proud of him. It's okay to have mixed feelings, just don't let it get in the way of supporting him. He probably needs to know that the people back home, especially his loved one's believe in him.

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for a soldier it's not a why they are there it's about taking care of your comrads and being there to take care of your friends,

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Sorry kid but the world is a lot bigger than just what you think. Your cousin made an honorable choice, do not dishonor him by going against his wishes.

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well my best friend left for Iraq back in September && I couldn't get over it for the longest time , until I realized he was working in an office in the hospital.. -- people think that if someone going into Iraq they're automatically going into "war" which isn't completely true -- there are many different jobs there && some are more dangerous than others.

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well I feel it ws wrong for him to not tell you but it isnt pointless. of course you may feel that way b/c someone you love is going gaway. I think if you want to be sad dont hol dit in and he will write and no that there is noting greater than the country you fight for! and I give my best wishes to him and you and I hope you dont feel to down bout his decision.

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