Should a girl get dressed up everyday for her man

Should a girl get dressed up everyday for her man?? ??

Answer #1

My boyfriend will pick me up and we’ll go out to eat or whatever.. and I’ll wear the nice kind of casual clothes. but when we get back and chill out my house. I always change into sweats or something lol.

Answer #2

I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend, when we are sitting around the house we usually just wear tracks or pajamas but if we are leaving the house we dress nicely. I like it that way :)

Answer #3

well im 15 so I would see a woman doing that for her husband but for my boyfriend its not worth it but dont dress a mess if he trys to look good for you then what the heck you should try for him

Answer #4

nooo he shuld accept you for hu you r…b urself around himm

Answer #5

No! If your man wants you to be dressed up all the time for him - that’s going to suck.

Answer #6

no. you should always be urself. if your going out thats when you dress up but if your just going to hang out at your place or something small then just be urself

Answer #7

Nah- in a good relationship, your fella will love you for who you are, not what you wear.

Answer #8

No you shouldnt unless you unless you wan too

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