Did anyone see the video of the girl getting beat up?

did you guys see the video of the girl getting beat up???it was like on the news and stuff I felt really sorry 4 the girl:(

Answer #1

Yes, I saw that on the news. I think that is horrible that someone would do that and post it on youtube. I feel so sorry for that girl, she’ll never be the same again.

Answer #2

YES! I saw the vidoe on youtube… ohh muh gawddd it was horrible… people are horrible if they find that amusing I mean when the girl went uncousiouse they didnt freak they waited for her to wake back up and started beating her agian man I wash I was there I would have given it to them and I wish she would have tried to fight back.

Answer #3

I love how they video taped it. The prosecutor has his work cut out for him. Morons.

Answer #4

I never got 2 c it! when I searched 4 it on youtube it was banned

Answer #5

I saw it too, I didnt get to see it on the news though…

Answer #6

I thnk I no what one your talking bout…I no it was terrible :(

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