Why is every girl so concerned over getting knocked up?

Every girl I have pretty much ever met is freaking out about being preggo I don’t get that I think its dumb to get so scared over your parents reaction or even that their preggo Why does everyone have to make a big deal about it?

Answer #1

So you’ve been a pregnant teen before?

Some parents actually do kick their children out and disown them.

Answer #2

because most the times its the girl that gets screwed over. the parents may not talk to htem anymore, they get kciked out. the girl gets the blame for the pregnancy, called a slut even though it takes a guy to get pregnant. and most times the guy leaves them and the girl is left fighting to keep the b aby, someone you have to take care of until they grow up and can take care of themselves. so yes its quite a big deal.

Answer #3

because girls are scared incase the guy will leave them and once they get preggo and the guy has left if they do her life is over pretty much all they will end up doing is look after the child alone its a hard job aswell live life first and even if they get abortion it still will ruin there lifes trust me

Answer #4

Duhhh… A baby… A new life… Someone to care for… IT IS A LIFE COMMITMENT!!!

How can you say that?

Answer #5

…have you even had an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy?

Answer #6

WTF? What do you mean why is it such a big deal? That is by far the dumbest question I ahve ever heard.

Answer #7

I find it so funny they just want that attention!!! when really people dont care hahahah

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