Do you shave between your legs?

I’m taking a little poll if you could just answer: Do you shave your self between the legs? I always do and try to keep it all smooth and nice. sometimes I leave a little spot to be “stylin” LOL Anyway just curious what percentage do. If you could say and if your know about your friends

Answer #1

Thought so seems like the in thing to do and even guys more and more my guy does and at least three of my guy friends said they do. I think pubic hair is gross gets stuff in it …yuck…

Answer #2

yeah sometimes. I dont keep it smooth shaven though, more like I shave it smooth then it grows partly back and I do it again. Repeat. Ima guy btw.

Answer #3

me and at least 3 of my friends do…

Answer #4

r you talkin bout the croch???

if so yes I do I shave but leave sum in the middle as well hu wants to c a naked kitty hahaha

Answer #5

raises hand Aha - I do.

Answer #6


Answer #7

yeas I do :D ehehhehe and my friends do

Answer #8


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