Alcohol on legs after shaving?

ok I heard that if you shave 4 the first time and put acohol on your leg/arm hair right away the hair wont grow back is it true???

Answer #1

told you brooke!!

Answer #2

Of course not.

You’d have to be completely gullible to believe that.

sweetbeth1, when women reach a certain age, their hair becomes much less noticeable, and sometimes nearly non-existent.

Answer #3

thats not true, if you put alcohol on yur legs its just gonna help if you get itching after you shave.. and no it does not burn either! I always put rubbing alcohol on my legs after I shave and it helps a lot from itching.

Answer #4


Answer #5

my grandma did it the very first time she shaved her hair never grew back

Answer #6

You’ve been lied to.

Answer #7

no. it’s probably just going to burn

Answer #8

No, that’s not true.

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