Who else thinks boys should shave their legs?

I think they should… Because I think leg and chest hair is nasty!!!

Answer #1

Yeah it’s up to them. And if you don’t like your boyfriend/fiance/husband doing it, well it’s the guys choice, whatever makes them feel comfterable.

Answer #2

I don’t like my fiance to shave his legs, although he does shave his face, chest, arms, and private areas. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not a fan of body hair, I think it’s gross.

Answer #3

I dont like chest hair..

I think they should do whatever feel comfortable with them..

Answer #4

It makes me feel masculine, so I never would.

Answer #5

I don’t think any boy should shave anything!!! Yuck!! Shaving is for girls to be pretty & feminine…Men are supposed to be tough & masculine!

But… Everyone has their own opinions :)

Answer #6

I used to hate my fiancee’s body hair, now I love it. It kinda grew on me after a while, that sounds creepy, but I’m sure you get it. lol :)

Answer #7

It is all up to the guy. Getting rid of some body hair is becoming more main stream. Guys with no leg hair is now very common. It is no big deal

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