How many times a week do you shave your legs?

How many times a week do you shave your legs?

Does it grow back fast?

Answer #1

Mine doesn’t grow that quickly, and so I only shave about once a week. It’s almost the end of winter now (here at least) , and I haven’t shown my legs since halfway through autumn I think… So maybe even less at this time.

Answer #2

Once a week- any more frequently, I end up with shaving burn. Besides, if I’m wearing jeans, it’s no big deal if my legs aren’t freshly shaven, and my husband’s not that concerned if my legs are a bit fuzzy.

Answer #3

Everyday. I have too. I feel yeckie if I don’t. I have been told you aren’t suppose to shave your legs this often but I do.

Answer #4

Almost everyday - sometimes I skip a day or two. I hate the feeling of stubby legs, feels uncomfortable.

Answer #5

I shave every day…I hate the feeling of stubbly legs. it makes me feel gross.

Answer #6

Pretty much every other day…!

Answer #7

I try to shave my legs about once a week or so. My hair grows back quickly.

Answer #8


Answer #9

5 or more

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