Can i just use sharpie ink for home made tattoos?

and dont say god doesnt want you to scar your body or you'll get aids!!

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or could i just cut myself and sharpie over it will that stay (not permanent i know but for like a year or 2)

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No - the ink will fade. India ink is the proper ink to use for tattooing.

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No. I don't think sharpie marker ink works. It will probably fade decently fast.

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I'm not concerned about God or'll get a sh*tty looking tattoo. Like seriously, please avoid self tattooing if at all possible. If you go through with it, then no, Sharpie's won't work. You might as well write on yourself with them and spare the pain.

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I agree 100%!

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I wouldn't recommend it.

I know using a regular ink pen's ink is dangerous because it is not processed the same way as tattoo ink, and it is toxic.

I'm assuming same goes for sharpie markers. Using India ink (Indian ink) would be the best and safest way to go if your giving yourself a tattoo.

You can buy it at Wal-Mart for somewhere around $5. It is safe to use for tattoo's.

However if I were you, I would wait until I got up enough money to get a tattoo done professionally because it will look better, possibly last longer, and they know what they are doing, so it will be safer and probably hurt less.

You can get a tattoo professionally done for as cheap as around $30, depending on the size and what it is of.

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I mean for pete's sake you are 13 years old...if you want a tatoo so badly just go to the nearest shop that offers henna tattoo' wont last that long only a few days at best but it's a better way for you to get an understanding of how it may look if & when you are older & still decide to get a permanent one instead you see you will already know what you want because you have seen it where you want the real one placed for a short period of time & you wont hurt yourself in the process minus all the drama that might come along with it!

Good Luck!

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shoot double post srry!

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Yea at 13 you really don't have good enough judgment to know if you REALLY want a tattoo or not. You'd will most likely end up regretting it later on.

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Lol. Wow. No. And not because that is the most rid.icul.ous thing I've ever heard. But because it wouldnt work.

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nope sharpie ink, pen ink, none of that will work if u really want a homemade tattoo make your own ink (p.r.ison ink) burn a razor and collect the smoke with a mirror by putting it over the flame when the razor is burning. it off with a knife, put it into a container, and add a little bit of mouthwash that's how i did the heart on my ankle. use a needle and poke the ink in don't cut the scin because then it will just scar up.

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