What home-made stuff get rid off spots/blemishes?

I need to know if there are any home-made remidies that get rid of spots/blemishes (overnight would be good) and please dont say to use concealer because it makes my skin worse

Answer #1

honey bee and sugar mixed together cleans your face so maybe that helps

Answer #2

honey and avocado(the better the honey and fresher the avocado the better the facial mask), add in a little milk if you wish. It might not do it over night, but you will see a difference. Do it on a weekly basis and it will keep your skin smooth. On a monthly basis use lemon juice and GENTLY apply to your face. It helps peals away old and dead skin to help prevent wrinkles. Rinse it off with milk and then cool water.

Answer #3

toothpaste apparently

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