Can you make homemade tattoo ink from cigarette ashes?

can you really make tattoo ink out of cigarette ashes and water?
is there anything else you can use?

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I have made ink using baby oil in a small glass putting a wick in it lighting the wick collecting the suit {usually in a beer box} then miking them with rubbung alchohol to make a paste. it has always worked pretty well for me. all 3 of my tats were done with it and they look professional

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alright person whos is so self indeppendent to ask stupid questions on a pretty stupid website yes you can but not water toothpaste ashs and spit if thats the ink you want personaly I like normal indian ink which is sold at spencers so go to the mall buy some ink take a needle really big safty pin and tat yourself out every one needs a homemade tat I have three and one pro I like the pro best of course but I like the other ones too and future refrince im 15

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Think about how healthy that would be for you... CIG ashes under your skin.. oh yeah... sounds brilliant..

If you want a tattoo, wait until you are old enough and then go to a professional.

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oh god... trust me hon I have two tattoos and that is no way to do it. Trust me... good work is done by professionals who have plenty of experience. Don't risk getting HIV or some other disease by being stupid. If you find someone who you would want to go to, and are of age, let me know what you want and how much they are charging for you and I can let you know if they are ripping you off

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Jesus Christ.

If you make "tattoo ink" out of ashes and water, you deserve to get tattooed by a scratcher.

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My goodness! You people have no clue about tattoos. I've read a few good things on her, but still, there is a lot left untouched. basic chemistry says using anything other than ETHYL alcohol (like that found in vodka) makes the skin more permeable. meaning it's easier for anything to get through, including diseases. Have any of you taken a blood born pathogens class, had a tattoo apprenticeship, or even worked with anything that involves intelligence? tattooing is not only an art, but also a science. So at the very least don't just make your own ink, it costs $7.00 on ebay for professional black tattoo ink. Get yourself some of that, and don't fuck yourself up. Good luck.

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Yeah I have 5 tattoos already and they are all homemade..So yeah all need to shut your months about tattoos..They are not bad homemade..if you know what your doing...

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How about... Sharpie?

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I did my first one and it totally looks like shit I used indian ink and a very small saftey pin it hurt pretty bad carving away at the back of my hand.-

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the best ashes to use are not from a cig but from wood. The chinese used ashes from different woods to get different colors but ya if you want a home made tat get some ash out of the fireplace and use that

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im doing my own in bout an hour, the best way is to just get some indian ink from any art or craft shop and use the biggest saftey pin you can find. First burn the pin in a fire then boil it in a pan of boiling water to steralise. It takes time but if you do a good job it will look just like a real one, obv the longer you take the better the result. Good luck anyone deciding to do their own.

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Holy sh!t these are no way to tatt. When I was in prison we used the carbon zinc in batteries to tatt with, not smart to say the least. If you want a tatt go with a professional ink remember that once its there it's there for life so make it good. I have over 15 tatts from head to toe and I like them all.

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Yes you can use cig ashes. Also, you can use the ashes off a styprofome cup, or burnt hair grease and ashes together. Mix it with shampoo and water. It looks good. You cant get HIV from you idiots think they use to do tats back and da day wid no ink? Berries, ashes, or tree bark. Some of you are more worried bout catchin somethang from ashes and you aint worried bout da cancer causing agents in the material in your house, car, or da clothes on ya back. HA HA go figure that 1!

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it is easy enuff to buy a tattoo kit on ebay for fairly cheap. It comes with a power supply gun and needles ink ink cups and everything you need to get started. I purchased a 5 gun kit for 120 bucks it came with enuff ink and needles to do what I wanted. the power supply didnt work so I rigged it up to a 12 volt car batter with an on/off switch. it works just fine. inks arent that hard to get just look on e-bay.

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I have three homemade tat guns and several tats (pro and novice). Wood ash and vodka is the way to go. making it to thick or thin is the trick.

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