What is consider good shape this day and age?

Answer #1

Is thick the new thin?

Answer #2

I think not to thin is in, not to many people like to look at bones

Answer #3

I think thin is still in. Most the models you see as well as celebrities are stick thin, as well, you see dieting advertisements everywhere with pictures on thin women.

Answer #4

I don’t like my girl to be skin and bones, but I don’t want her to be as heavy as me. I like my girl still be light enough I can swing her as we dance. As I age it might go down to just dance, I think I am getting weaker with age.

Answer #5

I don’t think they look good to thin or to heavy, and lol bout the danceing

Answer #6

Stick thin is going to far I think if your hip bones are showing that is to thin, I think a lot is personal preference.

Answer #7

Sorry but I remember when I was young and we went to this rave, I have my GF now wife over my head most of the night. That was when I could pick her up over my head and then hold her up with one are. No I am happy if I can pick myself up out of bed sometimes or I wake up on the right side of the dirt.

Answer #8

Yep a lot is personal preference, but I think that according to society that kind of thin is still considered attractive. I know tons of girls who strive to be stick thin.

Answer #9

Yeah age can do that to u it sucks

Answer #10

I think there is too much emphasis put on shape, and not enough on health. Being thin doesnt automatically equal healthy. I know some quite big people who are in perfect health - they are very fit, they excercise reguarly, they eat well, and doctors are amazed at just how healthy they are despite their shape. On the other hand, I know small people who are very inactive, eat like crap and their cholesterol etc is through the roof. People come in so many different shapes and sizes, and I dont think any one should be considered better than any other, as long as the person in question takes care of themselves and maintains good health.

Answer #11


Answer #12

Well My doctor told my my blood pressure is great, my cholesterol is low, and I am on the verge of obesity. So I said to the doctor, I am a healthy fat guy. :)

Answer #13

I think the ideal body is thin, good boobs with a nice a$$ :) I like thin people, being thin fascinates me. You see these beautiful people, in gorgeous costumes or amazing outfits that outline every inch of their body perfectly, without a lump in sight. Being overweight isnt healthy & its easier to gain weight than to lose it :]

Answer #14

Yes I know, it sucks and happens to the best of us.

Answer #15

Was it BMI that said you are on the verge of obesity? I really dont trust BMI. It doesnt take things like lean muscle mass into account, which is a huge oversight.

Answer #16

Well, nowadays there’s a TON of emphasis put on being thin. But I think that as long as you’re healthy, it shouldn’t matter what weight/shape you are. Society believes that of you’re thin you’re beautiful and if you’re large you’re ugly, but that’s not true at all.

Answer #17

Yes it was all on BMI, that is why I was not worried, it the Army my BMI said I was Obese but I had a 32 inch waist, a lot of people really believe these numbers, but they shouldn’t.

Answer #18

Are you referring specifically to looks only, or overall “shape” which includes general health, fitness, and genetic body proportions? Each are different qualities that add up to an overall picture.

General health = lack of disease (either from environment or genetics), and all systems running optimally. Can be improved through proper nutrition and lifestyle. Fitness = ability to perform in different areas, such as strength, endurance, flexibility (and a few other derivatives). Can be improved through proper exercise. Body proportions = genetically granted and affects how we look “out of the box”. Muscle insertions and shape can’t be changed, though the size can through exercise. Bones ratios can’t change without surgery. Fat ratios can’t change without surgery, but size can through diet.

That being said, someone with “good overall shape” would have optimal levels of all 3 qualities. The definition of optimal here is arbitrary, but people tend to know if they are there or not.

Any further, then we’ll need to get into specifics.

Answer #19

Well I was hinting that it seems that with obesity plaguing the USA, it seems like moving under your own power is good shape, or if you can walk over 100 ft. That you for the definitions of health, nice post.

Answer #20

No worries. I agree about moving under your own power.

Personally, I would say “baseline” fitness would be the ability to do one bodyweight pushup, one bodyweight inverted row, and a few bodyweight squats. All in good form of course. If one can’t, then they are “out of shape”.

I’d say doing 20 reps of each would be “good shape”.

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