What would you consider a minor ?

Hi What age would you say a minor is.. Would you say 16 is still a minor ?

Answer #1

If you live in England it means that you’re still considered a minor. How old is he?

Answer #2

in englad when is it not classed a minor ?? and he’s 33

Answer #3

I’m 16 and I live in england.. and I like an older man :S

Answer #4

: ( ok

Answer #5

I would say 15 or less

Answer #6

The age of consent and the age that you aren’t a minor anymore isn’t always the same age.

It depends on your country.

I believe that the age of consent in England is 16 and the age that you are no longer a minor is 18

Answer #7

sex at 16 in england is legal

anything under is sex offence time

the bloke isnt commiting a crime but how long you been seeing him for? ifs its since you were 15 hes a nonse… since you were 16 then its fine ok ;)

Answer #8

It depends on… a) where you live b) what application you’re applying it to (age of sexual consent, voting age, legal drinking age)

“Minor” is applied differently at different ages depending on how you answer each point.

Answer #9

In England, the age of consent is 18, so if you and this older gentleman actually pursue a relationship and anyone in authority found out, he could wind up in jail.

Answer #10

You become “completely” major once you turn 18. But, as far as I know, in England the legal age a person can have sex is 16, so there might be no problem… Anyway, repeat after me: I’m a minor. He has pedophilic tendencies.

Answer #11

Minor-under 16. im under 16.

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