If you could take one person to the desert who would it be

1)politcian 2)ninga 3)hipie You can only choose ONE and please say why you would choose that person.Personly I would take a politician because he would be able to phone for a helecopter to get us out of there.

Answer #1

I wouldnt take either…they dont serve no purpose

Answer #2

Thanks for your answers more random questions soon please tell me on a scale of 1-10 how much ou like the questions.

Answer #3

LOL I’ll select the hippie again.

same reason, he or she will have lots of goodies to get me high :-p

Answer #4
  1. ninga?
  2. what if there is no signal?
  3. what if phone’s battery dies?
Answer #5

You take a hippie and get high then you get hungry AND thirsty. You take a ninja then he would dissappear on you.
What you want to do is take a politician that way you can eat him to keep yourself alive and you dont have to worry about being called a cannibal because politicians are not really people anyway.

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