Chance of getting pregnant if condom breaks?

what would be the chances of a girl getting pregnant if the condom breaks but shes on birth control and hasn't ever missed a day
? How protected would you be?

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ANSWER #1 of 2 lets be honest here...I've taken four college level sex ed courses, so I'll tell you what I know, okay?

you've never missed a day with birth control, right? well that is odds in favor of you not being pregnant...however, keep in mind that some, but not all birth controls, have been known to be ineffective. or rather, not fool proof in so many words. They're about 90% effective. mind you, that goes for SOME BUT NOT ALL birth control pills. Even the BEST of birth control pills are not completly fool proof. the only way to be sure of avoiding pregnancy is to not have sex. I'm not trying to nag you, I'm just pointing out the facts...

now, the condom broke...that still puts you at risk for being pregnant...because sperm has entered your body. period.

Now, as far as diease, aka STDs, you could very well be at risk. however, if you trust your partner and know he is not having sex anywhere else you'll probably just fine. if you feel that you can trust him, then I wouldn't worry about a STD too much, okay?

All that being said, you should still get a home pregnancy test. if the results for it come up negative, wait about two weeks and then take another one, just to be certain, alrighty?

hope this helps you out.

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U are still very protected from pregnacy but not from sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control is almost 100 percent protective. Condoms help with pregnacy and the spread of transmitted disease. You have a high chance of not being pregnant,, but you may want to get tested for any diseases.

Chance of getting pregnant with condom

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