Can you get pregnant if the condom breaks?

what if you are using a condom but it breaks? can you still get pregnant

Answer #1

Of course! That is just like having sex without the condom in the first place.

hope I helped, xoxo :)

Answer #2

if you did use a condom and it did not brake cud you b preg?

Answer #3

Do you read? I said the ECP was NOT the abortion pill.

Two completely separate things.

…I’m not going to even go into the whole abortion debate. It’s your choice so it doesn’t matter what I say.

Just know that condoms are only about 80% reliable. They do break. Trust me. a 20% failure rate is pretty alarming. I’d find a more reliable contraceptive option. (like hormonal birth control)

xox Sika

Answer #4

Emergency Contraceptive pills aren’t an abortion. Abortion is when you kill a child. You take the ECP pill within 72hours after you have sex to prevent getting pregnant. Its not a child, its not a fetus, its hardly an organism at that point.

But if you consider that killing the baby, wouldn’t using any kind of contraceptive be bad? Like maybe if you were having sex and you were an adult, you should have this child because you’re having sex as an adult to procreate and to not just ‘please each other’?

hmm.. amazing where people get their point-of-view’s from.

Answer #5

If you’re using a condom and it breaks… it’s like not using a condom at all.

Yes you can still get pregnant and you can contract an STI or STD.

To prevent pregnancy you should get the morning after pill(emergency contraceptive pill or ECP) ASAP after a contraceptive failure such as a condom break.

The ECP is NOT an abortion pill. The ECP works in two ways. It will prevent a female from ovulating(thus preventing pregnancy) and if she has already ovulated and an egg has been fertilized, it will prevent the egg from implanting(also preventing pregnancy).

xox Sika

Answer #6

well yah duh you can get pregnant wit a condom it only takes a small hole in that rubber sucker and bam your life if screwed with a kid!

Answer #7

uh obviously! lol

Answer #8

yes of course. the whole point of a condom is to help PREVENT pregnancy. if it’s broken, well then it can’t prevent anything.

Answer #9

hey sikashimmer I would never get an abortion why kill da baby for it

Answer #10

actually, you have a 50/50 chance of getting pregnant. You have a chance of the spermicide in the condoms working and preventing the the sperm to continue to travel. I know this because I just recently had this discussion with my doctor. I think it was a very good question. If you dont know the facts dont down someone for a question that you think is stupid…

Answer #11

if your asking this question you really need some more sex education!! yes, of course you can

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