What are the chances of getting pregnant?

If I’m on birth control and I used a condom everytime so far? I’m freaking out

Answer #1

If you are on birth control and using condoms there is a really slim chance you will get pregnant. :)

Answer #2

You probably have nothing to worry about. Your mind is probably just messing with you. If you’ve used a condom and also on birth control I’d say your pretty safe. And good for you because some people are too dumb to use either of those methods.

Answer #3

very slim. even without a condom its like 2% but condoms are a lot safer without it if he doesnt pull out. you may have a kid. just make sure he wraps it up.

Answer #4

you have a 99.99% chance of not getting pregnant using both of those contraceptives.

Answer #5

0.0003 out of 100 lol

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