Why do I get a sense of peace when I read the Bible?

Answer #1

that happens to me too :) I don’t know why though either but i like the feeling.

Answer #2

becuz the verses u read are beautiful and God’s word is always beautiful and heart-warming..its what u get when u realize how great everything is after reading the bible..

Answer #3

When you hear/read something true, the Holy Spirit tells you that it is true if you’re sincerely seeking to know what is true. That is the feeling of peace. You get the same feeling when you pray and ask God about something that is right. He answers through feelings like that. You can also feel that way with other good, true books. Try reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it, and you’ll feel the same way.

It’s comforting to know that God has provided a way for each of us to know truth, apart from what others tell us. We can get a direct line of communication from God.

Answer #4

why wouldnt you its amazing and should be felt tht way as so…..

Answer #5

Because it is something you believe in and has importance to you.

Answer #6

agreed with I feel crazy. i don’t believe in it, so it doesn’t do anythign for me. Howeverm when I start researching quantim physics, m–theory, etc, along with certain other things that I believe, I feel at peace

Answer #7

Because you are reading Gods word…and he is peaceful…he brings you peace :) Kind of makes you want to keep on reading does it not?… :D

Answer #8

You really understand what the Bible says and the chapter and verse(s) your reading relax you. I just get relaxed going to church and being with the church family.

Answer #9

There are lots of things that can cause an altered state of consciousness. Were you to have an EEG while you were being moved by your Bible study you would see brain wave changes similar to those of people meditating, chanting mantras, or daydreaming.

Answer #10

I’ve tried those things and nothing happens like the Bible reading.

Answer #11

you are reading the word of G-d, somehow you feel protected

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