Why isn't the bible easier to read and understand?

Question…if the bible was just thought up by some random people…then why in the world isnt it more down to earth. Wouldnt it be a little more easier to read and understand?

Answer #1

because the bible was translated from a complete different language in the first place, and historians did their best to translate, so almost everything is accurate, but not all accounts.. :]

Answer #2

Try reading the New International Version. Start at John in the New Testament and see how much God loves you!

Answer #3

it could be the translation you have. I would find something that is a study bible. the john macarthur study bible is a good one to have, he will tell you what the words and symbols mean.

Answer #4

If it’s symbols you’re referring to, symbols were used in the Bible for a variety of reasons. The book of Revelations is a good example. Because the author of Revelations feared that the Romans would interpret his book as a challenge to their authority, he filled it with symbolism that Christians at the time would understand, and so the book could circulate with a less watchful Roman eye. Other books use symbols for other reasons.

Another pressing question, to me, is why would God pass his word to humans in only a couple different languages knowing fully well that no translation of it to other languages would be completely accurate?

Answer #5

well uumm I was really in to church and well my sister and I bought a book in which it helped understand the different meanings, some meanings in the bible are interpreted in many different ways, the mening can be understood only by the reader. you, because since everyone thinks diff then the message is diff t thgem. you can go to church and listen to the preachers in how they interpreat the bible. the bible itself is extreamly hard to understand there are toom much symbolism in it. you really have to think outside the box when you read the bible lol. and yes sometimes the wording could be difficult.

Answer #6

I wasnt talking about linguistics…I was referring to symbolism. Also the bible was originally translated to old english… so the bible today is not the way they talked back then either. I guess I should have been a little more clear …sorry you misunderstood : )

Answer #7

well I kind of think they didnt make it up out of the blue. Maybe these were things that actually happened so why is it so hard to read. I honestly dont know. and im just wander who talks like they did now? some stuck up know it all probably. everyone here says there are people that do.. but bleh. they probably lead a boring life.

Answer #8

The Bible is confusing because it was written by hundreds of authors/editors over the course of nearly 1000 years, each with their own understanding of their religions, and with their own agendas.

Some books, such as Romans, have been so heavily edited by so many people they are barely even comprehensible.

Answer #9

some people even talk like that today. We sure do. Try reading a revised American standard version or an english standard version.

Answer #10

um, are you serious? do you think people actually talked like “yo yo yo wassup jesus” in those days? the way the bible is written was the proper way to talk in that time. some people even talk like that today. language changes over time darling.

Answer #11

That’s astoundingly twisted logic - the bible doesn’t make any sense, so therefore it must be accurate?

Answer #12

Symbolism has been with us since the beginning and is found in numerous works. That doesn’t make them all true or even good to read.

Answer #13

It’s really not hard to understand… take it step by step

Answer #14

I see what you mean. Humans tend to make up fairly comprehesible stuff. One example I can think of is:

If you’re good you go to Heaven. If you’re bad you go to Hell.

Most Christians would agree that this is not actually what it says in the Bible!

So, from a Christian point of view, I’d say that the Bible is a lot more complex than the simplistic things we tend to make up for ourselves.

In addition to being spiritually challenging, the Bible is also a collection of books from a lot of different periods in history, and unless we understand a bit of the history and politics of those times we tend to miss the message. Samviddo’s right that books and preaching on Bible interpretation can be helpful in getting a clearer idea of what it can actually mean.

And the people who say ‘get a modern translation’ are also wise. But I’d recommend comparing different translations, just in case the one you have is a bit at odds with the others!

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