Would u sell your soul to the devil to get anything u desired?

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No. I would work hard to get what I want.

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No.. he'd screw me over in the end anyway..

Does it sound like I sold my soul or something?

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no cuz then he'll just trick u into sumthn stupid u cant get out of

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Never in my life. I would for God.

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haha totally if i'm old and ugli and don't give a sh*t bout what happens to my life!

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I don't sell my soul to imaginary things

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Hell no..... Imagine the repercussions, one does not receive things for nothing, the devil will want something big in return and I much rather keep my soul.

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I dont have a soul to sell.

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No, I'ld work hard to get what I wanted
The only thing I would EVER sell my soul for is to save the soul of a person I loved i I knew they were doomed
however, I can't say I believe in things such as "heaven and h3ll"

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no im not stupid :p

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absolutely not. i already have everything i would ever want in my Lord, Jesus Christ :) even though i dont have all the material things i want, i'll be waaayyyyyy better off for eternity with my soul w God, not Satan. there is no way i would sell my soul to the devil :-r im good w God :)(:

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No, I don't believe in the "devil" or "god"...

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No! My Lord, Jesus Christ had given me everything I need and want. I would sell my soul to Jesus though.

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doubt it...

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if i had a soul then yes, there is something i want.

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what would be SO GREAT to make you sell your soul? if you had one

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that, unfortunatly i have to say, is too personal, answering this quetion was but a slice of it.

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It may seem like a VERY tempting offer, but the truth is: I'd be making a deal with the DEVIL, the Master of Lies, the Deceiver, the Wicked one...I'd have to walk away and decline the offer and say, "NO DEAL" knowing that the devil isn't under ANY obligation to fulfill HIS side of the bargain. (Can't take him to "People's Court").

More importantly, "What shall a man profit if he WINS the WHOLE WORLD and loses his own soul?" (Mark 8:36) Your soul is WAY TOO PRECIOUS to trade or bargain for!! NO DEAL WITH THE DEVIL IS WORTH THE HUMAN SOUL regardless of how tempting!

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mmm no i dnt think it would be worth it

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If your talking about something like wicca or witchcraft I thought I'd let you know that we don't believe in the devil.

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I don't desire to spend eternity in flames....no thank you.

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its japanese @ss beads enit!! lol

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get lost, thats not fukin funny.

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Sell me what now?

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Neeeeever..! He hates everybody!

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well where do you go when you keel over? happy unicorn land?!

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The Soul cannot be traded with. Nobody can trade in Souls. To know the Soul in he first place it is very difficult and tougher for a material person. And then trading is it practically impossible at all.

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