How is Scientology different than other religions?

How can you become a Scientologist? What’s your personal opinion of Scientology? I’m just really curious about it.

Answer #1

I think it’s a load of bulls**t. That’s my opinion.

Answer #2

apparently they worhip an alien god called “xenu” and dont beleive in using medicines or anything else that real scientists have created. scientology doesnt have anything to do with actual science, ist just the name, and my personal opinion of it is the same as Larz’s, i beleive its all bullsh*t, i also beleive its somewhat of a mind controlling cult.. to become one i assume you just check out their website or read a book about it and convert

Answer #3

My personal opinion is that it is the biggest bunch of nonsense on this earth. Rather not become one, you’re really not going to gain much by the look of it. How it differs from other religions is that it is a religion about science, but unfortunately like all religions it’s followers takes the beliefs to an extreme and wants humans to live under these perfect scientific conditions (for lack of better words)

Answer #4

Don’t quote me on the is, it is what I heard so take it for what it’s worth…. however, I am told it is based upon a science fiction novel. You have to pay and the more money you donate the higher in status you are (which is why it is popular with celebrities) and depending on how high up in Scientology it can affect your body….. like Tom Cruise no longer suffers from migraines. I am not scientologist nor an expert in it….

Answer #5 This is a run down of what they believe. even though this is from south park, its actually true. I know this video helped me understand. Enjoy.Xx

Answer #6

My wife told me that her mom told her not to have sex but she needed me to give her an oral massage twice per day and our 4 kids are fine.

Answer #7

it is all based on facts. facts are proof. whats wrong with that

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Answer #10

I try really hard to be very open minded and I believe that all life affirming religions are good, but from everything that I have read about it, it is definitely a strange religion. I suppose if it makes them happy and they are not hurting anyone, then its all good.

Answer #11

sorry this is the actual link, i accidentlly didnt put in the www part.

Answer #12

lololol, I love that episode

Answer #13

i laughed when zenu did his evil laugh :) and the soul catchers!

Answer #14

Nothing you said in that statement makes sense. A fact is based on proof. Otherwise we’d have all religions claiming their religions are based on fact. There’s no scientific backing to this religion. Facts are not proof. Facts are truths based on evidence.

Answer #15

How is it different? It’s newer. That’s about it. Other than that, it isnt different. Its beliefs are no less strange than the world being created in 7 days 6000 years ago, all the animals being put on a boat and not eating for weeks(not the plants, bacteria, and all other too small to see organisms God just drowned them), a half God half man being born to a virgin but really it is God, so he’s his own son, or being reborn an insect if you’re bad (ah the human arrogance that presumes all other animals are of a lower standing), etc etc. All religions are strange. Its just a matter of perspective. And I think it’s an elaborate con, but i think all religions are…

Answer #16

They think that the alien overlord Zenuu came and he died and his soul possessed otherwise mindless cavemen. Ha.

Answer #17

Although it is completley irrational and (no offence) stupid, it has a cult of people following it, therefor it is a religion, and everyone should respect each others religions in todays society, even though that is never the case

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