How do you relate to another person who has a different religion?

I am having trouble with handling another persons religous differences. Most of my friends are Jews and one of them is muslim and I am the only christian.

Answer #1

Well, just don’t talk about religion. I’m an atheist, and have plenty of religious friends. If they start going off on some religious topic, I just politely listen, but then change the subject - the same thing I do when my they start talking about kooky political ideas.

Answer #2

One of my best friends is an athiest, the key is to focus on what you have in common and be respectful of their beliefs.

Answer #3

Interesting. I’ve never really thought about this question. My friends in high school and college were Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Buddhist and Jewish and I had few friends who were atheist (I went to very diverse schools). I’m not really sure what difference it makes? I’m not religious, I dont discuss my beliefs. It just never was an issue. I love learning about religion and so I know a little bit about the different religions but what you have to remember is that every person views their religion differently and practices it differently. So really I had several Hindu friends but they were all different from each other. Several christian friends who were also very different. Honestly, people are more different within the religions than they are between religions. Try and remember that. Religion is just one facet of a person. Just like ethnicity, age, culture, sexual orientation are all different facets. They dont have to have more meaning then you give them.

Answer #4

just respect each others beliefs and maybe ask them to tell you a bit about their faith if you’re interested. You might find you have a lot in common with them. Where you have differences of opinions, dont get into arguments, just agree to disagree. Lots of my friends come from different religous backgrounds, its not a problem unless you make it one

Answer #5

well just remember that Christianity is really just a form of Judaism. we believe that Jesus is our messiah whereas Jews think that he hasn’t come yet, remember that we share the old testament. as for Muslims, well for some reason there’s just natural friction between the two religions. but seriously, why would religion mean anything to your friendship? especially at an age where not many people even have one! oh and Teibusc, I know some parents are like that but I’d still go to the library about it without asking, why should I or anybody be forced to stay dumb about the other two thirds of the world’s religion!? BTW I saw on some show on national geographic or something where they said that about one third of the world was some form of Christian.

Answer #6

so different religions can get along. the question is are you guys getting along despite your differences in religion? if you aren’t there might be an issue but if your not don’t worry about it.

Answer #7

its easier if when you talk to each other, you leave all religious talk out of the conversation, and dont judge each other for what you beleive in, and dont try to change each others beleifs

Answer #8

Go to a library and learn more about them and maybe understanding thief beliefs will help you relate. FYI make sure it’s ok with your parents cause not all of the like their kids learning about other religions

Answer #9

Perfect answer Ty!

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