Who on here is in or has been in a relationship with a person of a different religion than you?

Me and my iance have very different religions, hes a christian and im an athiest. We make it work, but weve had several heated debates that end with us having to just stop talking. Its hard, but i refused to let that stop us from bein together.

Answer #1

I have. But religion doesn’t mean much to me, honestly, so it didn’t make much difference to me.

Answer #2

As my name may indicate, I was raised in a religious household. My husband was the school atheist and I was the hardcore Christian. Our dating or lasting was improbable at best. The fact is that while I was heavily devoted to my faith, I was only like that because of the indoctrination of my family. In time, the fact that I was in a relationship with a religiously open minded individual helped me see the hypocrisies in my faith and made me realized that I believed like I believed because my family told me to. Three years down the road, I’m a proud agnostic and he remains an atheist. We still differ in our beliefs, but it’s those debates that we have that help us both solidify our feelings. I must defend my side and he has to defend his. It’s almost…fun…believe it or not. Yes, debates do get heated, but as long a we respect one another, everything works out.

Answer #3

My boyfriend is Agnostic whereas I am Christian. Wehave had several debates over it but through them we begin to understand why we do things the way we do. For example, I wanted to wait for sex, although I am not entirely sure about waiting until marriage, he now understands why I want to wait, and what influenced it and he respects me for it. I think these debates allow you to know each other better and learn to respect eachtoher.

Answer #4

I have. Many times. It didn’t make a difference, for we were both respectful to each other.

Answer #5

I currently am. I tend to follow a more pagan way of thinking, but I would probably be considered more atheist since I don’t yet believe that the old gods exist. My boyfriend is a Christian, really we’re both pretty chill people so there have been no problems as of yet. I would have a problem though, if say I was with someone who was trying to push their beliefs on me.

Answer #6

Dated many men who weren’t the same religion as I am…and don’t recall having a whole lot of discussion about religion with any of them.

Answer #7

I’ve never dated anybody with opposite religious beliefs, but myself being agnostic, curious and always asking questions about religions has lead to many attractions being forfeited as it seems most people hold religion close to their hearts and will not accept any other way than their own. I think religion is such a strong aspect in our world these days that for couples to get along they have to be not of the same religion, but of the same state of mind where religion come in play. Personally I don’t see how a strong rooted christian and a proud atheist can have a healthy relationship as one is always thinking ‘how can they believe that…’ or ‘how do they not think about this…’.

Answer #8

first major relationship.. we were different.. it did effect us because i don’t look at religion as a religion but more as a way of life.. there are a lot of things that i was brought up with and they were not shoved down my throat.. they were just ways of living and habits that were with me since i was born until now.. he changed for me although i didn’t ask him to and in the end because he did it for me and not himself it wasn’t working… I want my children to have the same kind of upbringing i did and he didn’t really care. It was one of the deal breakers… Now, this agnostic way.. i respect all types of beliefs and religions and will not shove my way of living down other people’s throats but my husband is the same “religion” as i am and now lately some of his friends decided they were Agnostic and used to be the same as us.. so, he is starting to tell people he is also Agnostic and I don’t really understand why because he still talks to me and my son about god and still acts the same.. Is he looking for attention or? if he has really converted to something else or changed his mind or whatever.. i’ll have to say again that it is a bit of a deal breaker to me.. I think it does make a difference and I the things that we would end up debating about would be mine or our way of life which in my heart is not debatable..

Answer #9

and that is if he is Agnostic and starts to act and live like one.. not if he is just saying it to people to get attention or something but still lives the same life we have been living for years.

Answer #10

I have. When I first met and even right after I married my husband I was still a practicing pagan. He was Roman catholic born and raised. We didn’t much discuss religion then.

Over time both of us changed our views. We are now both Born-Again Christians.

Answer #11

Who on here is in or has been in a relationship with a person of a different religion than you?

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My boyfriend and I have different beliefs about things, however we both luckily are open-minded and compromise about things. We have also had our fights about it, but you are right, it shouldn’t come in the way of people being together.

I think that as long as both parties are willing to compromise most of the time that it can be managed.

Answer #12

I can say that I have and it honestly did not work out. I am now in a relationship where God is our first priority and It is working out great :) You need God in a relationship orelse it will not work

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