Schizophrenia or not?

Lately I’ve been liturally hearing the walls talk and even seeing things that arent there, and NO I havent been high. Is this the symptoms of being schizo or is it just stress?

Answer #1

it’s hard to tell. I dont know what kind of life you live, I dont know how stressed you are. when I was littler my stuffed animals could talk to me. so I took a needle and thread and sewed their mouths closed so they would let me sleep at night. a week later I felt horrible and took the stitches out. they dont talk to me anymore. but I still think they could if they wanted to. maybe its my childish imagination but I believe it. then again maybe you are schitzo. what are the walls saying? usually if your schitzo it’s something bad. like telling you to kill someone, or something like that. I don’t know. go to the doctor.

Answer #2

It might be both. Go and see a doctor. Tell him about it. Ask what you can do to reduce stress. Get a diagnosis from a pro. And never believe what the walls tell you. :-)

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