Can you develop schizophrenia from smoking marijuana/meth?

I have smoked weed for about 2 years now, and done meth once (because my weed was laced) and began having schizophrenic symptoms.

Answer #1

Not from pot, i dont know about mesh but it probably can

Answer #2

pot can worsten schizophenia, but will not cause. It can worsten depression too. meth ‘will’ make you psycotic with heavy use over long periods of time

Answer #3

Pot can’t CAUSE skitzophrenia but it CAN cause episodes if you already have the genetics for it. You need to speak to a specialist. With the Meth I doubt thats whats causing it if you’ve only done it once. As said before you need to speak to a specialist.

Answer #4

Well, it was quite a bit of meth, enough to cause me to overdose, and land me in the hospital.

Answer #5

Actually scientific studies have shown that cannabis can cause schitzophrenia. There is a much higher incidence of schitzophrenia with cannabis use. I personally know someone to whom this happened. It does depend on the person, as some people are more prone to it. If you are experiencing these symptoms you should probably talk to a doctor.

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