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does paranoia schizophrenia skip generations?

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it doesnt work like that... the genes are there, some people express them, some dont... so your kids do have a higher chance than normal of getting it because it's already in the family

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well my mother had paranoia schizophrenia, and I wanted to know if it skips generations so when I get older and have a son or daughter I want to know if the possiblites are higher of them having it because I dont.

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To add on to what ty said, it's important to understand that there are usually factors involved in deciding whether or not you'll be affected...the genes are there, as ty stated, but certain other elements are often attributed to the disorder.

For example:
stress disorder
drug and alcohol abuse
poor nutrition

You and your children may be able to bypass the disorder completely, depending on your lifestyle.

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Its possible, but the people who have it think they dont so its like down to other people to notice the symptons.

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Not persistently, but it can.

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sometimes it will. it depends!

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