Scene clothes

Where can I find cheep scene/emo clothes? Im sick of going around to all the hottopics and not buying anything because I dont have the moeny :[ Or whats a way I can create my own scene-ish look? What can I make? Xoxo kenzie <33

Answer #1

Thrift Stores Craigslist Ebay Second Hand Shops

You can always find stuff there and you can find stuff to make into other outfits as well. I love going to Good Wills to shop - you can find some awesome stuff in those places.

Answer #2

no one sells scene clothes. its how you put things together. look up some pictures of scene clothes(:

Answer #3

goodwill and a pair of sissers and you’ve got an outfit!!! goodwill has awesome cloths that cost next to nothing! if you kinda like it but its lets say to long, buy it! you can cut it when you get home!

hope I helped!

Answer #4

Your looking for ‘scene-ish’ clothes, whatever happened to buying what you like and not wearing it cause the clothes fall into the scene category.

Oh well go to Wal Mart. :D

Answer #5

umm just takke abunchh off clothes you have that TOTALLYYY dont match and jumblee themm up…zebra print with yellow and purple is a total nock out babe (:

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