What are good stores to buy scene clothes,etc?

Ok so im a tween and I love the scene style,etc.my mom recently bought me abercrombie clothes,holister,etc and I wont scene clothes and my mom will be mad if I dont wear them.I try to but its just not me.I also want scene hair but I have short hair.any advice?please helpp!

Answer #1

Go to Justice but pick the awesome stuff.

Answer #2

Hot Topic is the perfect place for emo/scene clothig…but if you want another store name..also try…Rue 21!! be verry sweet to your mom and try teasing your hair…she won’t get mad if you do scene style right…watever..hpe that helped a little!!! good luck!! : ))

P.S. BTW I’m helpin you out because im going to try to go to those places because I reinvent myself every year for school so…last year I wanted to be preppy..now this year im going scene baby!

Answer #3

well there is hot topic for cloths and shoes and accesories but also spencers has good accesories too and if not there is a website were I get my cloths and stuff from and its called darsideclothing.com and its not high priced either and also try hot topic online to the have more of a selection online

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