where can I shop for the best and cheap scene clothes

were can I get cheap skinny jeans and band tees money is kinda tight and I am badly in need of clothes but I dont want to shop at stores that have clothes that were like dropped off I want to shop at the mall or something like that yeah I am a scene girl to

Answer #1

Zazzle.com is a good place to find AND make scene clothes and accessories. Just type in “scene style” or “scene queen” and a bunch of stuff will pop up.

Answer #2

Yes Ihm Scene But The Best Place .., Is Hot Topic! THey Got THe Hottest Scene ANd Emo Clothing.., THat place is the Sex! people

Answer #3

there might be some stuff you like at http://www.scenedead.co.uk/ and its all not that expensive good luck

Answer #4

goodgoth.com There a cheap site!

Answer #5

unfortuantly not many people and kids nowdys know what scene is its basically “an attention seeking style” as for clothes skinny jeans can be found at places like supre, jay jays, ect and band tees can be found at places like hot topic or any (better) stores that sell movie and music merchandise those things though dont make you scene and you can still take bits and peices from a sterotype and incoperate them into your own style without putting a label on yourself

Answer #6

I am a scene girl to Whatever you say…

Try Hot Topic (cliche), zoomies, DEBS(ew, but you rarely will find things there that are good), Pac Sun, Hurley stores, Rue21, Spencers etc.

Answer #7

Umm Everything is expensive but you sound like a hot topic girl I would try Marshalls I got a 20$ purse origanally 90$!!

Answer #8

I keep trying the links they give me but, I’m not finding anything “Scene” does anyone else have suggestions? HELP ME PLEASE!!!

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