How do you save flowers?

like you put them in a book or something but i cant remember exactly what you need to do.

Answer #1

Just put them somwhere they won’t fall apart like a book.

Answer #3

Use a newspaper or an old telephone book, spread the flowers so they don’t overlap between the paper. Additional layers of paper and flowers can be built up and then covered with a board or piece of cardboard before pressing down with a heavy object. The time required for drying, depends on the flower size, though it can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. If you would like to keep the flowers for a long time, you can seal them between two pieces of wax paper…At least that is how I was taught to do it…Hope I Helped!

Answer #4

I hang mine upside down till they get hard. it works!!!

Answer #5

LOL Sorry can’t hold this back:

That, is what she said.

Answer #6

you cut theur stems diagnolly and out them in vase with water

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