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Can you save impatients over winter by bringing them inside?

Answer #1

I do this all the time, and actually am too lazy to keep pruning them. I usually bring inside 3 or 4 of my favorite colors and keep them in a sunny window. Outside they like shade, but when you bring them in, the amount of light in a typical house is low enough, and a sunny south or west-facing window shouldn’t cause them to get too dry. They’ll flower all winter, off and on, but do keep them moist, they hate to dry out.

In May, just plonk them back outside. They are very adaptable.

Answer #2

Yes - you can. You just need to carefully dip them up and put them in pots. You will have to prune the long stems (I’ll leave a link of how to do that) and remove all leafs underneath. Be sure to keep it watered obviously so it can continue to grow throughout the winter time.

Prunning your impatients: www. gardenersworld .com/how-to/projects/prune-plants/ (you’ll need to remove the 2 spaces, posting links isn’t working properly right now)

Answer #3

is there such a thing as mold on impatiens? I have a huge flowebed and they are starting to get spots on them it looks like a type of mold maybe? any advise?

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