Is it safe to use nair on the pubic area?

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no, that sh!t STINKS -.-
also, my ex boyfriend tried it & it burned his balls haha

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not the everyday kind of nair but nair does have a product specifically for that area comes in a smaller bottle

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LMAO! I used it, and i didnt have a reaction, though i think nair is so so so SHI T....jus makes the hair weak and brittle, it works better on thin hairs not thick pubic ones lol

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yikes - burnt balls are never any fun. i guess the steady hand of a razor is best?

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so you recommend a razor - and a steay hand - instead?

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i wonder if that's any different, or if they just package it differently in order to charge more for it?
so you had no bad reactions? was it all over, or just bikini line? i'm looking for all over

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yeh, or waxing......if u dare lol

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I wouldn't recommend it. If you read the back of the bottle, it clearly states "DO NOT USE on face, around eyes, in nose, in ears, or on breast nipples, perianal, or v@ginal/genital area." You genitals are VERY sensitive, hair removal cream has strong chemicals, and can cause irritation, burning, itching, and soreness on the genital area.

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Ther's a certain kind for bikini area & it's mroe sensitive...It stinks tho. All nair stinks, ew. xDD

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thanks - i'm beginning to think the same thing - i guess the idea of a razor "down there" makes me a little nervous. still, it says the razor is probably the best. it's unfamiliar ground for me - while i like the shaven state for the woman, i guess my double standard betrays me - anyway - thanks for the suggestion.

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lol - well i guess smell matters - it's the idea of the razor that makes me kinda nervous

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No problem :)

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Ther's a certain kind of razor & it has like aloe & some other kind of stuff on it, & it makes yer skin softer & reduces razor burns, not completely but better than a regular razor, i'm sure theya ll have some kind of stuff on it but i prefer ones with like uh extra stuffs yeah. :D

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Whooops. *certain kinds of razors

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DONNT DO IT ! ommg ! I tried it juust todaay annd it buurns like craaazy annd it doesnnt even work. Loll.
Instead juust buuy a special razoor that they haave for shavinnng downn there, i forgot whaat its called buut im suure someonne else will (:

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get the one went for the bikini area it wrks fine for me

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i won't i won't i promise!!

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i'm opting for an electric hair trimmer

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it's not as strong as the regular so doesnt work as have to leave it on a while so standing there kinda bow legged for 10 to 20 mins can be a pain

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NONONO! i used nair and it specifically said dont and i did it anyway and it burnt the sh!t out of me but if u can tolerate a lot of pain i guess it wont matter cuz the pain goes away really fast and once ur all silky smooth u wont care anymore

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it specifically says not to.... so you probably shouldn't.

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