How do I decide whether to get a new cat or not?

My baby (a cat, of course) was put to sleep last night, which I’ve been crying about like crazy. I’ve had him since I was 8 years old, and he’s been my everything ever since. I can’t even get myself to get out of bed without him. My boyfriend and I had another cat who was maybe 1 1/2 years old that only lived a week before we had to put him to sleep in October, but I have another cat named Elvis. He is a playful cat who has never -not- had another cat around, and now that my boyfriend and I moved out together and he came with he is all alone since Brian was put to sleep last night. I feel bad having him be by himself now, because he longs for a companion, and my boyfriend said last night that we will get a new kitten together. I’m just not sure when it is too soon to get another cat, or if there even -is- a “too soon”. Advice would be amazing, thanks.

Answer #1

Why did you have to put your cat down?

Answer #2

Awww. I’m very sorry for your loss. My cat Ralph died in a house fire three years ago and it totally wrecked me, so I know how you feel. I didn’t know if I wanted another cat because I felt like it would be disrespectful to Ralph to just ‘replace’ him as soon as he was gone. I was hurt and honestly didn’t want another cat for a long time, but this Christmas I got a Siamese kitten. He is just amazing. He reminds me of Ralph in some ways, I even find myself calling him Ralph sometimes instead of his name (Jasper). =) He has a totally different personality though, so I feel like I’m having a new experience at being a ‘cat mommy’ instead of replacing the cat I lost. Plus, I’ve had a long time to heal and by the time I got Jasper, I wanted him with all my heart and the pain of loosing Ralph had faded substantially. You can give it some time and see how Elvis likes being your one and only and give yourself some time to sort out your feelings and decide what you want to do. Or you can rush out and get a new kitten asap and it may cheer you up and help you get over your loss. I waited because I really didn’t want another cat just yet. If you want another cat you should get one. I don’t think there really is a right or wrong way to grieve and you should do whatever feels right to you.

Answer #3

really? I’ve always gotten male cats (it’s easier when I can come home and say “hi boys!”), and I’ve always just perfered male cats :/ I just think of girl cats as having to be prissy (not saying anything is wrong with that), and boys cats to just be handsome and kind. and elvis actually just loves all cats. I guess I will have to be careful about what the other cat thinks of different genders! I didn’t think of that! thanks :)

Answer #4

haha oh those cat hairs can be tricky ones!

I’ve wanted a siamese cat for -ever-. when I got brian I found out that he was a siamese mix, and ever since I have -always- loved them <3 elvis is a little orange guy, and ceasar (the one that died a week after we got him) was a siamese flame-point. I loved ceasars personaility, and elvis adored both of them, so I really want to get a siamese when I get a new cat :)

Answer #5

hey im really sorry to hear about that

I had a cat that had to be put asleep around 1 year and a half ago and it still makes me cry today I decided I didnt want to have another cat because if that cat would need putting down or when it would eventually die I knew I would not be able to bare it

however my uncle bought a kitten he was looking for a home for and at first I couldnt get myself to be to close to her but within a couple of weeks she was the best thing that could have happened at that point to make another cat happy and to give another cat love is a great thing to do

and if you feel elvis would be happier with a companion then I think you should get that kitten and that kitten will get your love aswell as elvis’ :) I hope I helped in some way good luck!

Answer #6

you helped in a HUGE way :) I don’t know you, but you’re my favorite person right now. ever since my boyfriend started saying my cat was getting older (even though he was only 10) I would start crying my eyes out at the thought of losing him. like, he wouldn’t even look sick or anything, just the thought of him dying made me cry. I know that’s pathetic, but I loved him so much :( I think I will get a new kitten :) I know elvis would love it if I did, and I could use a new kitten that will sleep with me like Brian used to since elvis is too independent. :) thank you SO much :D

Answer #7

You are very welcome. ;) and it doesnt sound pathetic at all because I love cats just as much you do and it just breaks my heart also at the thought of losing my cat right now even though she is healthy and only 2 and a half. but yeah enjoy your new kitten and watch out for them cat hairs! haha jk :P

Answer #8

u think its your desition think think think think think think think think

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