Would running away solve problems?

Exp: family drama and drama with friends.

Answer #1

No. It will most likely make it worse.

Answer #2

No, it could just make it worse and put stress on the person running away. I think all teenagers and younger people think of running away at some stage, but it really shouldn’t be a first option.

Answer #3

I agree. “Running away” never solves you problem. It only makes it more troublesome to face when you “grow up.” (If you are lucky enough to live to ‘grow up’)

Answer #4

I agree with everyone else. Running away could only ever make your problems worse, and if you got caught they’d be even WORSE. Don’t do it =/ you’ll regret it.

Answer #5

Running from your issues only causes more issues. Confronting them is what makes you grow as a person. It may not always solve the problem, but you get to learn from the experience. So that one day should it come up again, you’ll have a better understanding on how to deal with your problems.

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