Who think this make me a punk?

I was sitting in school before spring break and the other kids started asking me questions like if someone walk up and hit you in the face what would you do? I told them I was walk away then they said what if someone spit in my face I told the same thing I would walk away and stuff like that. But they said that make me a punk and some other words I won’t say. I don’t see how that make me a punk violent don’t solve to much it just cause more problems so I figure out the best thing to do is just to walk away. Who agree that all that make me a punk? If so why

Answer #1

Ha those girls are right.

Answer #2

no, it makes you even more manly than he is. =)

Answer #3

That doesn’t make you a punk, I think the guy was just trying to get a reaction.

Answer #4

yeah it shows you know self control and are more mature then the other

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