Is wanting to run around naked a problem?

I have this issue ...I like to run around my house in the nude...whats wrong with me?

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I'm Alana's Best friend, and I would like everyone to know that this girl,

known as [ lana17 ] on funadvice,
has recently past away..
If you write her messages or things, she will not respond due to the fact that she is no longer with us..
I cry everynight, everyday and all the time..

I still can't believe it, but, it's true.
Thank you...

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of course there IS A BIG PROBLEM WITH THAT

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I am a 42 year old male and I enjoy walking around the house naked when I'm home alone or if my roommate is home and hes in his room and I'm down stairs watching nascar I'm naked I just cover up with a blanket when he comes down stairs.

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You should be comfortable in your own house and if you are most comfortable naked than don't worry about it.

I was rather suprised when i was talking to a Doctor I know. He and his lawyer wife are in their 50's, are probably the most conservative people I know, and their youngest daughter was visiting from college. I asked him about the visit and he said that the drawback to his daughter visiting is that they have to wear clothes around the house. Even Republicans walk around their own house nude.

I'm not an exhibitionist but being naked never bothered me. I've been to nude beaches in Europe; I worked as an art model in college; and if it won't bother my female friends and aquaintenances I think nothing about changing clothes in front of them. Of course I don't disrobe around anyone I know will be made uncomfortable by it. I have trouble understanding why so many people are uncomfortable with their own body that they feel like they have to cover it up.

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You asked if your desire to run around the house nude is a problem.
So is your concern :
(a). that you want to conduct some sort of athletic track and field event indoors?
(If thats your concern you could mark out a track with tape or streamers and remove any obstructions like furniture. For timekeeping you could employ a family member to keep tabs with a stopwatch. If you intend to run a marathon event in the confined space of your home, you need to be mindful that this may encroach on other housemember's activities such as cooking, eating, sleeping or leisure activities like watching television. Plan the running track carefully beforehand with these points in mind.)

or is your concern :
(b). that you prefer to be nude whilst engaging in this track event?
I would suggest that if your concern is (a). then you have a problem.
On the other hand (b). is quite healthy and normal.

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Nothing is wrong with it till somebody will not report it the police. Personally I would be happy to be present, I like if somebody exhibitionist a little. If you let me, I ask a picture on this situation. I am sure you are attractive.

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Go for it. Have a great time. You were born that way !!! Try checking out some of the organized nudist websites like: Naturist Society and American Association for Nude Recreation. And welcome to the wonderful clothes-free world, it's great !! Skinny dipping is just the begining!!!

Don't let society tell you what to wear or not the wear. It's your life, LIVE IT !!

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i dont think that their is anything wrong with it. i say good for you! lol its natural. unless u go out side like that then u might have a problem hah!

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Probably it's just your way to deal with your stress. Don't worry. Your probably not the only person who does that in the world.
Its completely normal.

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Dear lana17,
If you live alone or with your partner, no children and all the blinds are shut and door locked...there is nothing wrong with this. If you live in a home with parents, siblings, keeping blinds open and children around there is a big problem with this. Do you do this because you are warm? You just don't like the feeling of clothes? Do you want to be seen? You need to ask yourself these questions. If you are just too warm then perhaps a visit to the doctor to see if there is some type infection or problem. If you are not concerned about being seen and wanting to get caught then a visit to a counsellor is a good idea. Perhaps you have some issues you need to talk about.
Sue...good luck

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Just don't go outside because that would be illegal.

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NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! don't think that there is, it's just what you like to do, and if you like, keep doing it!!! theres nothing wrong with you!

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sounds fun. i mean, i wouldn't do it, but there's nothing wrong with it as long as no outside viewers are, well, viewing it.

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IMHO, there's something wrong when a lady has zero degree of modesty.

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well you c its okay to walk around the house nakked cause thats just the way you feel comfortable

and plus as long as your in your house you can do whatever you fell like doing

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just don't go shopping
refrain from that

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