How to get rid of consistent neck pain?

Answer #1

ALOT of rest, without straining it or sitting at the computer for looong periods. it helped for me :)

Answer #2

I have to sit down and work in front of computer screen for 8 hours a day. It’s for 2 years now with neck pain. Try to do some neck exercise but still not help…

Answer #3

yeahh thats your problem, you’ll need to take a month off or something, just try to refrain from staying so long at the computers, my dad’s a doctor he told me to write this.

Answer #4

you need a good physio! Also, anti-flamme is amazing -

Answer #5

Heating Pad, with some Ibuprophen 800

Answer #6

It could be sublaxation. Go to a chiropractor

Answer #7

see your doctor and they will send you to pysio and they will help with yopur pain and your doctor will aslo give you pain killers. try sleeping with just one pillow and getting a hot bath n take some painkillers for the time being.

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