ways to get rid of migraine without pain killers?

I have had migraine for 3 days along with sore neck & I cant take pain killers cause im pregnant & I’ve massaged the area but still wont go away.. any suggestions please??

I’ve aplied cold & hot packs but nothings working :-(

Answer #1

ty both of you, maybe I should get bed rest & ask my Dr! xo

Answer #2

advil tylenol is that pain killers get lots of rest take a nap

Answer #3

Congrats on the baby.

Try going to your doctor and see what they recommend.


Answer #4

peppermint and euclyipis oil help a lot with headaches while pregnant. just inhale the scent for 30 mins. put it in a basin of hot water drap a cloth over your head and breath in. it should help.

Answer #5

ok you should get rid of the migraine beacuse thats not good for you or the baby and you shouldent be taking it I dont want anything bad to happen to you or the baby . I would also go to the docter and talk with her/him to check things out

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