How do I get rid of this cold and this ' diarrhoea ' ?

I’ve just moved into university and I’ve had a cold for over a week now, it wont go away.

Sorry to be disgusting but i’ve also had painful and smelly gas for the past month. What do I do?

Answer #1

A cold needs to work itself out of your system, and that can take a few weeks - there’s nothing you can do to “get rid of it”. However, if you’re experiencing other issues (pain, bloating, diarrhoea) then you should see a doctor, especially if it’s been going on for a month.

Answer #2

but plug and a radiatior.. naah i joke, for the cold try lemsip its brilliant and for the dioreah doctor james suggests immodium. Both of these worked for me in the past but as they both say on the label “if sympotms continue, see a doctor”

Answer #3

Just drin alot of watter try to eat healthy and also try to cover yourself the best when there is cold outside.

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