How can i get rid of a cold, anything i can make to help get rid ?

went out in the snow today and got a bad cold I hate it is there anything I can do or make to get rid of it ?? thankyou x

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melaleuca oil!! we use that all the time

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in addition to what the guy above said, drink tons of water as this will flush out the toxins that are causing the cold.

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drink plenty of lemsips, take paracetamol, stay warm and sleep

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I use melaleuca oil
its also called tea tree oil. get a little metal dish and boil some water in it. add a few drops of tea tree oil and inhale the steam deeply through your nose. It's kind of sharp right at first but the residual effect is very soothing, an the light, organic oils actually help your internal immune system... dont sue me if you get sicker (allergy/overdose etc...), it works wonders for me though.

Try airborne. Its like super alkaseltzer, its packed with all the vitamins and supplements your immune system needs.

help ithink I cold b in labour

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