How to get rid of a cold sore?

How do you get rid of a cold sore because my mum has one

Answer #1

If you mean a cold sore then the best way I’ve found of getting rid of them fast is by using Tea Tree Oil. It dries is up faster. Vitamin shops are normally the only place you can find it, they sell it in an ointment. My daughter gets them and when we use Tea Tree Oil they normally only last for 1-2 days.

Answer #2

a cold sore? or coleslaw? cold sore: get some cream, wait for it to heal up, it’ll be fine. coleslaw: throw it away, or give it to a dog.

Answer #3

dab a little purfume on it to help it dry out.

Answer #4

darn. I had all these ideas to get rid of coleslaw and here it turns out to be something else…

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